After missing out on adventures for such a long time due to the pandemic, it’s time to make up for those lost moments. Vacations are the perfect opportunity to do that, especially when you enjoy a range of ideas.

Variety is the spice of life. Put the following five on your bucket list for the years to come and you will not go far wrong.

The Luxury Hotel Stay

Following the most stressful period in living memory, a week or two in paradise is just the ticket. Whether it’s the Rosewood Jeddah Hotel or a luxury stay in another location is up to you. Either way, the chance to enjoy a slice of the good life while visiting a destination with good weather and lots of attractions is an amazing thing. Better still, finding premium vacations at an affordable price is a little easier thanks to reduced demands. 

The chance to break away from the mundane elements of daily life to recharge the batteries is one that you will truly appreciate.

Solo Travel

Most people have become better at enjoying their own company due to the pandemic. Taking a solo adventure is one of the best ways to embrace it. There are plenty of city break options and backpacking exploits to consider. A growing community of digital nomads also look to earn while they travel by working remotely. Whether you take a few days to yourself or explore the world for months is up to you.

There is nothing like having 100% control of your itinerary. Besides, solo travel forces you to meet people while you’re away.

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Road Trip

Road trips are a great option as they allow you to avoid the stress of airports. It is also a great excuse to visit dealers like Edmunds to find a new car. The enjoyment of taking a scenic route is supported by the fact you can set the dates, times, and other factors. You will also find that this is a chance to incorporate elements of camping, city trips, and other vacations. Besides, you can make this a budget-friendly solution.

Even if you only road trip a few towns over and spend 1-2 nights away doesn’t matter. You can still enjoy an incredible time.


Cruises are a fantastic way to see several locations in a short time. Meanwhile, life on the boat is sure to deliver plenty of memorable moments and a slice of luxury too. If you are worried about having too many kids around you, there are plenty of adult-only and over 50 cruises too. Whether you want to explore one continent or see the world, you can easily find one suited to your tastes.

Everyone should enjoy a cruise at least once in their lifetime. If you have yet to do this, now could be the opportune moment to book one.


Finally, it’s easy to overlook the adventures awaiting on your doorstep. A staycation can be the perfect opportunity to enjoy day trips without the stress of work. Once you break free from the distractions of daily life, you get to see your local area in a whole new way. Better still, if you have a young family, it allows you to enjoy the comforts of home. The financial savings can also be used to help fund a new car or a garden refurb.

It could additionally open your eyes to day trips that improve your weekends and days off for years to come. Perfect.