Feeling your best makes you enjoy your life to its fullest. What’s more, as a woman, you significantly draw your confidence and happiness from your look; that’s why self-care is essential. Besides, self-care improves all aspects of life by making you feel young and rejuvenated. In this article, you’ll find diverse and helpful tips that’ll make you look youthful.

When it comes to elevating your beauty, make-up is the go-to because it blends color and texture for a look you wouldn’t have otherwise achieved. Also, makeup brings out your beauty by accentuating your hidden features like your eyes and lips. If you’re among the few women with green eyes and feel like no amount of makeup compliments your eyes, you should try easy makeup looks for green eyes for a chic youthful look.

Regardless of how busy you are, there are standard beauty routines you can embrace in your free time for healthier hair, gorgeous skin, and an overall vibrant look.

Fix Your Closet

What you wear says more about you than what you say. This is because your clothes are the first thing people notice about you even before you do much else. Therefore, you need to invest as much time in your closet as is in other areas of your life.

Fitting and Stretchy

Depending on your body size, some clothes look better on you while others would either make you look a few sizes bigger or smaller. The trick is to buy clothes that are fitting yet stretchy, so you have room to move around.

When it comes to jeans, you want stretchy ones so your knees, hips, and derriere can swing comfortably. Fitting jeans are okay, provided their hip and waist measurements are a bit larger than your actual measurements. This way, even when you’re bloated – which happens to most women- your jeans will still fit.

It’d be best to look for comfort and style in your clothes. More importantly, to avoid looking lumpy, your blazers, jeans, skirts, tops, and innerwear should never be too loose. Buggy clothes, especially pants and jackets, leave the impression you’re hiding out. Your best bet on the right clothes is to find ones that are fitting and a bit stretchy for a confident appearance. 

Switch Up Your Clothes

Experiment with different styles by buying multiple designs, colors, and textures. If you’re used to a particular style, it’s time to halt it and incorporate trendy pieces that’ll enhance how you feel about yourself. Consider trendy clothing like crop tops, pattern blouses, sleeveless tops, and others.

Keep in mind that color brightens your outfit, bringing out your younger side. Moreover, incorporating at least two colors in your outfit makes your ensemble flattering and chic. 

For a vigorous look, invest in colored denim, leather jackets, fashionable t-shirts, pleated skirts, sequence dresses, and cutouts. For your feet, consider sneakers, ankle boots, thigh-high boots, and heels, and you’ll never run out of high fashion outfits to wear.

Level Up Your Skincare

Taking daily care of your skin is critical for a healthy and glowing look. Standard procedures such as moisturizing and double-cleansing are essential for getting rid of acne, fine lines, and dark spots.

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Contrary to common belief, makeup doesn’t cause breakouts or acne – sleeping with it does. Sleeping with makeup affects your skin barrier, leaving it dry and irritated hence the breakouts. Thus, it’s crucial to remove your makeup and cleanse your face right before going to bed.

Essentially, you need to cleanse your face twice a day with a facial cleanser and micellar water as your makeup remover. 


Hyperpigmentation and dark spots are common, particularly if you’re acne-prone. However, this doesn’t mean they’re untreatable. By using a retinoid, also called Vitamin A, you’ll be able to treat your acne and the dark spots for an even tone.

Interestingly, retinoids are anti-aging, too, meaning they boost collagen production, eradicating fine lines for a youthful look. It’d be wise only to apply retinoid at night when there’s no sun.

Also, it’s advisable to start with a mild form like retinol until your skin builds a tolerance to more potent retinoids. 


The secret weapon to healthy radiant skin is sunscreen. Its properties help to minimize the effects of UV rays on your skin. Additionally, it helps treat some hyperpigmentation and prevent breakouts resulting from sun exposure.

You want to apply enough sunscreen at first and keep reapplying it throughout the day for maximum benefits. Before you know it, you’ll notice an improvement in your skin.


It’s vital to moisturize your entire body with a suitable oil or cream that doesn’t irritate your skin. Buy a light moisturizer that quickly penetrates the skin to protect your skin from drying and somewhat cracking.

On the other hand, ponder using more than just a cream moisturizer on your face. Try a hydrating facial mask every other day and see how quickly your face brightens. 

There’s no ideal moisturizer that you should buy because each works best on different types of skin. Hence, only buy ones that work with your skin, and don’t be afraid to try new ones.

Let Your Hair Down

Your hair is a statement of its own and requires as much pampering as your skin. Frankly, slightly tailoring your hair to your outfit uplifts your style. Besides, if you wear the same outfit with different hairstyles, you’ll realize how different you’ll feel and look, enforcing the fact that your hair is your look’s centerpiece.


Rocking the same hair color for a long time can be dull, making your look predictable. However, dying your hair or putting a few highlights will make it look fresh and bold. Fortunately, for every hair color, there are highlights that’d match well. So, don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and spice up your hair.

If you wish to go all in for a different look, dye your hair to a complimentary color. It’d jar you how different hair colors can upgrade your style and increase self-esteem. Often, women looking to change their look dye bold colors for an edgy look that compliments their newfound attitude.

The Big Chop

Hair thinning isn’t uncommon for women, especially older women. It’s why chopping your hair can be the right choice for a younger look. Many hairstylists suggest a haircut de-ages a woman by highlighting her jawline and flattering her facial and neck features to boot.

There are countless haircut styles specifically made for older women, such as bangs, pixie cuts, and bobs. All of which aim to showcase your features while making you feel youthful and edgy. 

The beauty of haircuts is you don’t have to spend too much time on your hair because they’re manageable and easy to style. 


An alternative to leaving your hair bare is using hairpieces like bands, scrunchies, and pins. With these pieces, you can easily style your hair for a younger look. 

Other options like silk scarfs help draw attention to your hair. Some hairstyles like braids look better when you use a scarf to braid your hair. 

Consider using different hairpieces to either hold up or hold down your hair for incredible and fun hairstyles.

Pieces of Jewelry

As a woman, you want to make a statement, not just with your actions but your look too. Jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, anklets, and hair jewelry is an excellent way to upgrade your style.

The variations of jewelry make it easy for you to find whatever you’re looking for. For instance, if you’re a necklace lover, you can either buy single-layered or multi-layered necklaces that highlight your cleavage.

Moreover, you can find a single piece of jewelry that serves more than one body part. For example, there are jewelry pieces that run from your upper arm to your wrist and others designed to accentuate your neck down to your belly button.

Harnesses are other forms of jewelry that take away years from your age. By contrast, harnesses are sets of straps that extend to larger surface areas like your torso and thighs. Additionally, harnesses come in different materials like leather and metal that you can wear over your clothes or underneath.

What’s more, you’ll enjoy the different lengths and usability of harnesses. If you want something casual, high-fashion, or sexy, you’re bound to find a harness for that purpose.

Lastly, you can classify glasses as jewels of their nature that bring attention to your eyes. You don’t need to have eyesight issues to wear glasses – although you can still look fashionable with prescribed glasses. 

Go for oversized glasses for a geeky look or small frames for a semi-casual look. Both are great diversions from eye bags.

Maintaining your youthful look says more about your self-care than it does your age. It’s common to see young women looking a bit older and older women looking young, all because of the differences in their skincare and clothing choices. Remember how you look determines how you feel, so by jazzing up your exterior, your interior lightens up, giving you confidence and the right attitude. For the next significant chapter of your life, incorporate the above approaches for a radiant look.