There are so many beautiful destinations in the world but one country that never disappoints is Indonesia. Formed of thousands of small islands, this tourist hot spot offers year round sunshine, fabulous food and wonderful people who make visiting the region a memorable experience.

In this blog we take a look at one of the more popular islands, the destination that is Bali. What you can expect to do and see, where to eat and when to go.

When to go

There are two types of seasons in Bali, wet and dry. Generally, the wet season happens between November and March. While the temperature remains fairly constant, the daily downpours are more frequent and can feel quite intense. They can last anywhere between a few minutes and a whole day and can be hard to predict. For most people, the rain doesn’t stop much and just requires an umbrella but if you are hoping to spend more time on the beach, then head over between May and September for a better chance of staying dry.

What to do

Although Bali is relatively small, there is plenty to keep you busy and the fabulous beaches are probably the biggest draw. Head down to swim in the blue waters or enroll in one of the many surfcamps in Bali where you can learn to master the art of surfing and spend your days learning to catch a wave or two.

Bali is a great spot to learn with patches of calmer surf and more challenging beaches as you progress and grow more confident.

Another popular activity is cookery classes, where you can book to learn some delicious traditional Indonesian dishes over a week or just one or two days. Book a course with friends and be prepared to be wowed at some of the sweet smelling creations you’ll be cooking.

What to see

Head to the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary near the village of Padangtegal. Hundreds of monkeys call the forest home along with plenty of other animals and more than 130 different types of trees.

Hiking to ancient temples or to the active volcano are all other options that might appeal to the more active traveller, while there is always the option of spending a lazy day on the beach if you’re not feeling up to a trek anywhere.

Bali is a beautiful location for anyone, whether you’re traveling solo, with friends or with your family there really is something for everyone to enjoy. With an abundance of affordable, high quality accommodation, fabulous restaurants and an exciting nightlife, booking your trip to Bali is the best holiday decision you could make.

Come for the surfing, the food courses or just to enjoy some serious downtime. Bali is one of those destinations that once you’ve been, you’ll want to return to time and time again and you most probably will. Get researching your flights and make Bali your next, perfect holiday destination. You won’t regret it.

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