The most quintessential sights in Bali are the sunrise and sunset. There is simply nothing like a Balinese sky around 5PM when all the cotton candy flavors you could possibly imagine are dancing among the puffy oversized clouds. In the distance, magnificent golden rays of the sun are reflecting against the water in perfect synergy of various shades of red, yellow, and orange. The depth of the color gamma is representative of the rich Balinese culture and the way it intertwines with the daily local life: the early morning servicing to the Gods, the way store owners hand you everything with two hands as a sign of respect, the happy dances with the spirits. Perhaps the most admirable part of Balinese culture is the inherent kindness of the locals – it is simply unparalleled with and after visiting dozens of countries, I still feel that Balinese people are the kindest in the world.

One of my favorite areas on the island of Bali is the southern city of Nusa Dua. The first time I visited in 2016, my time on the Southern tip was limited yet I instantly fell in love with it. A year after my first trip to Bali, I came back to stay at the Ritz-Carlton in Nusa Dua – a spectacular property and quite honestly my favorite Ritz-Carlton that I’ve stayed at to date. The Nusa Dua property is perched on top of a large cliff. The modern design includes large windows, spacious areas full of sunlight, and many hints of sleek steel settings. Although it’s a massive resort, there is a plethora of private secluded places that make you feel like you’re quite frankly, on a private island.

Although the main entrance is elevated, the actual rooms are scattered below the cliffside and near the ocean front. It is a massive property that you can easily tour for hours, and it is well worth the tour. The room I stayed in a room that has “pool access” and as the name suggests, you can literally walk into the pool right from the balcony. The pool area is shared among the same category rooms on the first floor but that doesn’t make it feel any less private. The rooms themselves are also massive and if a private entrance to the pool is not quite enough, you also have a large personal deep soaking tub all to yourself.

Walking around the property you will find yourself lost in a luscious tropical garden where occasionally you may even spot a monkey (warning, they are not as kind as they seem!). You will be greeted by a Lilly pond with dozens of Koi fish and turtles. Koi fish are a very important part of Asian culture because they demonstrate a powerful life force due to their ability to swim upstream against strong currents. Many people and businesses cherish them because they are said to bring good fortune and longevity.

The infinity pool overlooks the jaw dropping coast line of Southern Uluwatu where the waves are so big that breakwater had to be built in order for a designated resort swimming area to be a possibility. The property is is like the page in a perfect fairytale which describes the magical kingdom in depth. This is not just a Ritz-Carlton, this is a Balinese Ritz-Carlton; where the staff will bend over backwards to make you smile, where the rich cultural values are proudly boasted everywhere you go. Even despite the undoubtable beauty of the resort, ultimately its the staff that makes it truly special. The food was fantastic, too. Make sure to visit The Beach Grill for some fresh fish and Bejana for traditional Indonesian flavors like sautéed water spinach, king prawns, and anything with coconut milk. For the ultimate Balinese experience, order a floating breakfast straight to your room! 

The most common guests at The Ritz-Carlton Bali are honeymooners primarily because the southern tip of Bali is known to be quiet, low key, and romantic. The other popular honeymoon destination in Bali is the small artisan city of Ubud where there is another Ritz-Carlton Reserve property! Many families visit the Nusa Dua location as well, and the noteworthy “Ritz Kids” that keeps children busy with activities all day, makes it feel like there are no kids around. 

The Ritz-Carlton Bali is a great choice for anyone who is looking to be treated like royalty whether on a honeymoon or a family vacation. Bali deals are endless, and I strongly recommend creating an itinerary and exploring the areas of the Southern Tip!