Traveling to and through Indonesia is something everybody should do at least once in their lifetime. When most people think of Indonesia, they think of Bali and rightfully so – Bali is nothing short of incredible. However there is more to Indonesia than just Bali and when you visit, make sure you sample the very best of Indonesian travel by making sure you see everything the country has to offer.

Here are some of the best places that Indonesia has to offer for travelers:

The Province of Bali

The Indonesian islands are some of the most beautiful islands our world has to offer, and none of these islands are better than the province of Bali.  Out of all the 17,508 Indonesian islands, Bali is arguably the best. 

Bali will spoil you with choices in regards to how to spend your time. If you’re the sporty, adventurous type then you may want to head to Waterbom Park, a place where children and adults alike can adventure in a plethora of water rides or relax in slow river cruises. Or, to really unleash your adventurous side, you could pay a visit to the Treetop Adventure Park, a place where adults and children alike can enjoy themselves through various activities like tree climbing, courses and circuits. 

If you prefer a far more serene stay in Bali, then there are plenty of things that this island has to offer that don’t demand too much physical activity. For instance, you could head to the foothills of Mount Batur, an active volcano, or to the artisan city of Ubud.  


Badung is very different than the rest of the province it sits in, and that’s why it deserves it’s own social mention. Plus, it has a lot to offer anybody that visits it!

Something that it does offer, especially for those who have a particular proclivity for seeing and studying old architecture, is an interesting array of architecture that dates back as far as Dutch colonialism. By seeing incredible historic architecture, you will experience insight into the history of this particular part of the world and what has shaped it into the place that it is today. If you’re not particularly that interested in history, then you can take a trip to Pandawa beach and soak in the sun and crystal clear waters, all before heading to Jalan Legian to do some shopping and to enjoy the bustling nightlife.

After a visit to the urban centre of West Java a.k.a  Badung, you’ll no doubt fall in love with the whole of the West Java. In fact, you may even find yourself looking to stay there on a far more permanent basis in which case sites such as will help you find the perfect rental accommodation in the area.

Sumatra, Sunda Islands

If you want to experience a true Indonesian experience upon your travels there, then heading to Sumatra in the Sunda Islands is something you simply have to do. It is something you have to do because it embodies the idea of Indonesia being The Emerald of the Equator. You see, that was a name coined by Dutch writer Eduard Douwes Dekker and given to Indonesia because of all the beautiful and natural rainforests that the country had then and still has today. Sumatra is where the very best of these rainforests can be found.

There are a number of rainforests in Sumatra, all of which have been deemed culturally important enough to be given UNESCO World Heritage credibility, meaning UNESCO travelers should definitely pay a visit there at least once in their life. These forests include Gunung Leuser, Bukit Barisan Selatan and Kerinci Seblat, just to name a few, and you would be missing out if you don’t see them during your time spent in Sumatra. You’d be missing out on all the wildlife that live in those forests and call that part of the world their home, such as the Sumatran elephant, the Sumatran cuckoo and the Sumatran orang-utan. 

If you really don’t like forests then there are many other things to do on Sumatra to keep entertained such as the Tsunami Museum. This museum is a sad and poignant place to visit but should be on the roster on anybody’s list upon a journey to this part of the world; here you’d be able to see just how the Tsunami of recent times desolated this area and the impact it has had on life going forward, and you’d get to walk down a pretty cool tunnel that mimics the Tsunami and its waves.

When traveling to Indonesia you will find something to enjoy and to revel in.