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There are lots of reasons to go on vacation. At the moment, sipping on a Pina Colada while working on your tan is high on the list. Sports fans, however, can only enjoy peace and quiet for so long before they get itchy feet. After a while, the urge to chant and cheer on a team in a stadium will be too difficult to resist. Don’t fret because you can get your thrills abroad in the same way you can at home. Indeed, some people prefer an international jaunt as it adds to the atmosphere and experience. Here are four sporting destinations you can’t miss.

Fenway Park, Boston

Home to the Red Sox, Fenway is an iconic stadium that gets the pulse racing. In recent times, Boston’s premier baseball team has been successful in no small part due to John Henry. Thanks to his vision, the franchise took on the Billy Beane-inspired Moneyball theology and won championships in 04, 07, and 13. What makes this place extra special is the fans. As loud as a jet-propelled engine, the noise is incredible whether the team is losing or winning. Sat with a beer and a hotdog, you won’t fail to be inspired by the team and the locals.

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Anfield, Liverpool

Liverpool produced the Beatles, but most of the world knows the city for its soccer connections. Wildly successful in the ‘70s and ‘80s, the land of the scousers has vied for the top spot with Manchester United for years. Whereas Man U has the money, Liverpool has the stadium, the fans and the atmosphere to generate unbelievable sporting moments. Right at the top is the “Miracle of Istanbul” when the Reds came back from 3-0 down to win on penalties. Another Henry-owned team, purists love Anfield for its history.

Augusta, Georgia

Golf fans may debate the greatest course on the planet, but there is only one winner. Located in a stunning setting in the South of America, the National Golf Club mixes challenging pin positions with serene beauty. As a result, the Masters always has twists and turns and keeps the spectators involved to the last putt. You may be excited to hear that the rules are changing so that guests can participate in a round too. With a Candlewood Suites Augusta booking, you can play 18 and relax while the southern charm takes over. Just be sure to bring your checkbook!

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Eden Gardens, Kolkata

US citizens may not like the sound of cricket, but you have never been to India. In the subcontinent, the national sport is as readily loved as the Bollywood actors. So, it isn’t rare to find 50,000+ people packed into Eden Gardens on game day. As you can imagine, the din is incredible and the buzz never seems to stop. And, when Dhoni and Kohli walk to the crease, the roof would blow off if there was one! Frankly, if there is a chance to watch India Vs Pakistan in a competitive match, grab the opportunity with both hands.

What do you think of the list? Are there any you would love to add?

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