Why do you travel? To open your eyes, see the world, craft memories and learn new things about the world? We’d say those are pretty excellent reasons to get started. However, could there be even more to reward yourself with? Should traveling only be related to these options? While visiting abroad is a beautiful thing to do, could it be that experiencing something truly magnificent to change your whole worldview gift you something truly special?

As people, we are often trapped inside our bubble. This is perfectly normal because we are our bubble to a degree. However, this can sometimes stick with us as we travel. Of course, heading to a new territory doesn’t necessarily mean you will lose all of your memories of home, or all the other things you might consider. Just think of how spoiled a vacation feels when you have an argument with those you trust and love.

Could it be that you’re in need of something you simply cannot ignore? Here are a few places you can do just that, and what you can learn:

Niagara Falls – The Flow Of Life

The falls are more than just a large amount of water being pulled by gravity. It can teach you something about the power of nature, the fact that it must always be respected, and that the flow is never something you can realistically stop. This suggests the continual flow of time, and how important it is to be grateful for every day you have.

It also shows that sweating the small stuff is the fastest way to stay worried about everything in life, and that really the temporal nature of your life frees you to become a force of nature, following your pursuits and dreams as you deem fit, without the fear of social constraint or shame. The best part of these adventures? You needn’t spend too much money on them, as nature is free, and excellent hotels nearby such as Travelodge at The Falls keeps wonderful and affordable accommodation potential.

The Grand Canyon – Scale Beyond Imagination

Sometimes you just need to see something really big to understand your small place in it all, and to humble you. It might feel fantastic to go for a spa day, to meditate and to hike in the mountains, but if you truly want to feel the massive power of the world, check out the Grand Canyon. Tours here are wide and all-encompassing, such as helicopter rides, abseiling and hikes around the perimeter. This can truly make for some wonderful photo opportunities, as well as serving as a mental image you will never lose.

The Pyramids

The Egyptian Pyramids are otherworldly, or at least it seems that way when standing before them. This incredible construction is in no way less impressive than it must have been upon completion. The Pyramids are very close to the El Giza border, meaning that you can also schedule a vacation around them. They truly are one of the most impressive wonders of the world, and the amount of conspiracies, historical insight, and research that is presented to you is certain to gift you an understanding of the benefit in looking underneath the surface. It will also help you reflect on the magic of the world, and the history that has led you up until this point.

Visiting all of these will gift you a true perspective on the world.