Do you like the idea of traveling the world without having to get into lots of debt or spend a fortune? Would you enjoy taking some time out to experience new cultures and see some of the most impressive sights on the planet? Read this article and use some of the advice to your advantage. When all’s said and done, getting from A to B is often expensive because you have to pay for air travel. However, there are many ways in which it’s possible to reduce spending if you think outside of the box. Of course, not every idea on this page will appeal to you, and so you need to do some extra research. Just use this post as your starting point and make use of the suggestions to ensure you spend as little as possible when traveling this year.

Book your flights at the last minute

Most people don’t like the idea of booking their flights from a local airport at the last minute because that means they face many uncertainties. However, there is no getting away from the fact that you will get the best deals if you wait until a few hours before the flight is due to depart. You can also get price reductions if you book more than three months in advance. Still, those who can remain flexible and make all their arrangements just before they plan to travel will save the most amount of cash. You might also think about staying flexible when it comes to your destination. It’s always possible to get to most places using the train system, and so it doesn’t matter too much if you land at a different airport to the one you wanted. You can still reach the places you want to go.

Travel overland to your destination

Sometimes air travel is too expensive, and so you might think about traveling overland to your destination. That is straightforward for people who live in Europe and those in the US because there are hundreds of connected countries. Those in the USA might consider visiting South America through Mexico, Nicaragua, and Panama. People in Europe can go as far as China or Russia if they have the desire. You can either drive or take coaches, and all the information you need about the cost is freely available online. Discount websites like Groupon are excellent for getting deals that should prevent your tickets from breaking the bank. Again, you just need to remain flexible when it comes to the dates you plan to travel and where you want to spend your time.

Make use of public transport as much as possible

Once you arrive in a foreign country, it’s essential that you keep your spending as low as possible. However, you’ll still want to move around and see the sights, and that is why you need to research the public transport system before you leave home according to Just Landed and other sites. Depending on the country you visit, it’s possible you will have access to buses and trains at the very least. You sometimes have to purchase tickets in advance, and that is why you need to conduct some research online. Still, in most situations, you can buy your ticket when you board the vehicle. Public transport is fantastic because you’ll get to spend time with lots of local people, and you might even make some new friends. That takes us onto the next piece of advice in this article.


Use social media to make new friends abroad

If you want cheap or free accommodation abroad and even a free tour guide; you’re going to need to make some friends who live in that location. Twenty years ago, that was almost impossible without visiting the area and getting to know the locals. However, the social media revolution means that most of the world is connected via sites like Facebook at the moment. It’s possible to join groups and follow pages related to that nation in the hope of making some friends. With a bit of luck, those people will offer you a bed for the night when they hear you’re coming to visit their country. That’s fantastic for you because it means you will stay with local families and learn a lot about their way of life. Just remember to help out with the cooking and cleaning as your way of saying thank you for the hospitality.

Volunteer overseas and help those less fortunate

There are thousands of organizations out there that focus their efforts on helping vulnerable people overseas. Perhaps you like the idea of following in the footsteps of groups like the Cane Bay Partners who assist Islanders in recovering from natural disasters? Maybe you think going to Africa and building a school for village children is the best use of your time and skills? The possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination in most circumstances. You usually have to pay for your flights, but the charities and aid companies will then provide you with food and shelter while you help out with your services. If you want to know more about the best teams that support vulnerable and impoverished people overseas; you just need to search Google and read as much as possible.

Arrange a working holiday

Working holidays are an excellent solution for anyone who wants to travel the world without breaking the bank. Most countries offer working Visas these days, and so there are no limits to the places you can visit. You just need to research the subject ahead of time so you can work out if it’s possible to get a job with your skills and talents. Maybe you could pick oranges on a farm in Australia? Perhaps you could work at a hospital in Africa or somewhere similar? The best thing about that idea is that you will earn money while you spend time abroad, and that means you might come home with more cash than you had initially. You will also do something valuable that is going to look amazing on your resume. For information on working holidays and different opportunities around the world, just search online.

Get sponsored to spend time in another country

There are some situations in which it might be possible for you to get sponsored to travel the world. Maybe you plan to take some vital supplies or knowledge to people living in remote places? Perhaps you intend to launch a new organization that will educate children living in the most deprived areas? There are a lot of thoughtful people out there, and many of them are more than willing to donate to your cause. So, you’d just need to set up a crowdfunding page online that outlines the nature of your project. You can then create a press release and send it to all the media companies in your home country. With a bit of luck, they will offer some free promotion and advertising. You can then use the donations to fund your trip and your aid venture.

Stay in backpacker hostels and local accommodation

If you want to keep accommodation prices as low as possible when you spend time in another country, it’s sensible to stay at backpacker and traveler hostels. There are lots of apps you can download to your smartphone that will highlight the best deals and show you the highest-rated establishments near to your location. There are also websites that do the same thing, and so it’s possible to make all your bookings in advance. However, that might mean you lack flexibility when it comes to planning your time abroad. So, in most instances, you just need to check your app and arrange your room every afternoon. That way, you are free to move around and go wherever the mood takes you.

Join a company that requires you to travel

If all else fails, you could always seek employment with a company that requires you to travel. Many jobs will send you abroad in hundreds of different industries. So, you just need to work out how to use your talents to achieve that goal. Maybe you like the idea of writing for a travel magazine or website? Perhaps you think that becoming an international business consultant is the best option on the table? It all comes down to your expertise, and your willingness to perform the role. For a full list of regular jobs that require employees to travel, just use the internet.

Now you know how to travel the world without breaking the bank; you just need to design your plan of action for the rest of this year. There are always ways to get to different continents without spending a fortune if you think outside of the box and do enough research. Sure, sometimes you might have to work a little harder than you imagined if you choose to volunteer or something similar. However, that could become a life-changing experience and something that opens your eyes to many new opportunities. So, take a leap of faith and try some of the suggestion from this post.