It’s better to see something once than to hear about it 1000 times”

Do you have this unquenchable thirst to explore the various parts of the world? Do you love to pack your bags every weekend and make a short trip? Do you feel suffocated if you don’t have a vacation at least twice a year? If so, then phrases like ‘wanderlust’, ‘travelholic’, ‘globetrotter’, ‘wanderer’, etc. are the right words to describe your urge to explore the unseen.

No one can destroy your love for exploring new places. But there are a few monetary factors you need to consider seriously to avoid holiday debt. For example, you need to think about the best ways to budget money before booking your air tickets or hotels.

Handpicked money saving travel tips for you

Do you wish to cut costs on the road? Carry brown bag and follow these 14 tips.

1. Squat: 

Check out the state laws before using this tip. Squatting is staying in unused properties or shacks in the countryside. You can stay inside these properties without taking any permission from anybody. You’ll save thousands of dollars on the trip.

2. Participate in surveys: 

This is a good way to get free air miles. If you’re sincere and good at crunching numbers, then you can take part in surveys. is a good website for this.

3. Camp out: 

Camping is yet another money saving travel tip. Plus, it gives me a feeling that I’m on an adventure. Just know the local rules and regulations for avoiding problems in some places.

4. Visit 

Ample of options are there to save money on hotels when you’re traveling. This particular website allows you to live like a local in any city and enjoy all the comforts.

5. Deliver car to the owner: 

Look at the car rental places and find out if you can deliver a car to the owner. It’s a pocket-friendly way to go from place X to Y while helping someone out.

6. Capitalize on your talent: 

Can you take breathtaking beautiful pictures with your camera? If so, then capture beautiful photos of a hotel in exchange for a free stay. Hotels are ready to pay hundreds of $ for good photography.

7. Stay in the monastery: 

You don’t need to be religious for this. There are several monasteries in various countries who offer free or cheap stays. You just need to do some work or donate some money.

8. Travel at night: 

I use this tip a lot to cut down on hotel costs and save time. If there is a long journey, I try to travel at night. I can easily sleep in train or plane, get sufficient rest, and start visiting many places from the morning.

9. Sleep on the beach: 

When you’re in a warm and safe country, you can go anywhere freely. You can easily sleep on the beach at night and save money on accommodation. Just imagine, you can look at the sky, watch the stars, enjoy the warm breeze, and drift to sleep peacefully. Just keep your belongings safe.

10. Book round the world flights: 

This is one of the best tips for saving money on travel. You can book round the world flight to cut down your overall expenses. You don’t need to sit with a travel agent for this. Just type “round the world trip planner” in Google search engine. You’ll get all the details.

11. Enjoy complimentary breakfast:

 Look for those hotels that offer complimentary breakfast. Eat as much as you can so that you can skip lunch. Fill your bags with snacks when you’re having your breakfast in the hotel. For example, keep fruits, cakes, sandwiches, etc. in your bag so that you can have a quick snack when you feel hungry.

12. Travel in the off-peak season: 

You can visit the same the tourist spot and stay in the same hotel at half price in the off-peak season. Moreover, you can enjoy the beauty of the place for a long time since there is less crowd. You can shop at the local stores and get souvenirs at a less price. The store owners are more likely to give you the items at a discounted price as there are fewer tourists.

13. Carry peanut butter: 

This is cheaper than what you get in the airport. You can use it with slices of bread, pretzels, bananas, etc.

14. Look for alternate airports: 

Figure out the cost of traveling from the alternate airport to your destination. If it doesn’t negate your airfare savings, then choose airports like Stewart(NY), Burbank (LA), Oakland (SF), Ft Lauderdale (Miami), etc.

Stacy B. Miller

Stacy B Miller is the content editor at Oak View Law Group. She has 3 passions in life – writing, cooking and traveling. Most of her articles are a beautiful union of her 3 passions. You can check her articles at