*Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored – I personally downloaded, tested, and currently use the app. 

People always ask me how I have enough money to travel often. The answer is simple: multiple streams of income. Contrary to popular belief, multiple streams of income does not only apply to having real estate or a business (although I do have jewelry company which certainly helps). For some reason the latter really scares people off. Multiple streams of income simply means you are generating money somewhere other than your 9-5, as an example see these seamless ways to make extra cash on the side.

Recently I came across this app and right now it is arguably the easiest way to make money. DOSH is very similar to Ebates (which I use religiously and make hundreds of dollars on). Unlike Ebates, which requires you to “activate” the cash back option”, DOSH automatically puts money back into your account based on the purchases you make on your linked cards. You can purchase something online or in-store on a card that you linked to DOSH and DOSH will seek out a cash back opportunity from the store and deposit the money into your account. Literally no work on your part. AND you get $5 after you sign up and link your first card! This is the easiest way to make money now (& travel more this year!)

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