Traveling the world by plane is becoming more common these days.

With summer just around the corner, whether you have a family holiday planned, some trips to Europe booked, or are simply traveling by plane for work, there are ways to make you trips less stressful and to save you money.

We all know that on an airplane, you will have air hosts offering you bits and pieces to keep you comfortable during the flight, like ear plugs and sleep masks. But these are just some of the essentials you could purchase yourself and for a much lower price; nobody likes spending money on bits they could have bought themselves!

Which items to choose? If you fly regularly, you probably already have your own travel kit full of essential items but what if we were to tell you, there are a few more products that could turn that long haul business flight in to an almost luxurious experience while also being practical?

Wash bag/toiletry bag

Incredibly useful if you are on a longer flight or are traveling between time zones, a carry on wash or toiletry bag is an essential item. No one wants to use the communal bathroom soap to freshen up on a plane!

With many modern toiletry bags aimed at saving space, they can often be rolled up; perfect for taking on the plane in your hand held luggage. Just fill them up with the bits and pieces you need, like razors, shaving foam, travel toothpaste and you will wonder how you ever did without one! They are also perfect for use in hotel rooms too, ensuring you don’t leave any of your toiletry pieces behind.

Travel Adapter

If you’ve ever been abroad, you will undoubtedly know the issue of trying to charge your electrical devices in a unusually shaped plug socket.

Travel adapters are absolute life savers and can often be purchased for under $30. If you are traveling across the globe, you will typically need to pay a bit more for a travel adapter but it is totally worth it.

It is worth checking the voltage of the country you are traveling to and getting an adapter that matches to avoid damaging your devices.

Travel Pillows

If you are traveling the globe, it is likely your flight will be over 10 hours long. During that time you will want to get yourself some shut eye and unless you are traveling in first class, you are going to want to invest in a comfortable pillow.

Typically inflatable, travel pillows are a boon for long flights; keeping your head and neck secure so you can get some shut eye, while being small enough to pack in your hand luggage. Prone to migraines and tension headaches? A travel pillow will cushion the muscles in your neck, preventing you touching down with a pounding head!

Flight Compression Socks

Regular flying can present several health problems; are your flights often longer than 3 hours? Without sounding scary, if this is the case, then you are at a higher risk of a deep vein thrombosis or DVT.

Compression socks reduce the risk of DVT by up to 90% by applying gentle pressure to your leg and ankle to help the blood flow. Typically knee length, you can get a pair of compression socks or stockings for under $10 but always read product reviews to determine their success rate.

Safety first!

Luggage Sets

Seems obvious enough doesn’t it? Who would think of traveling without luggage? But, many people buy luggage bags separately which not only costs more money but can also increase the weight you are lugging around the airport. Not ideal if you are traveling by plane every few weeks.

Typically coming in a range of 3 sizes, a well designed luggage set often has a carry on bag, a medium bag and a larger bag, while also being hardy and lightweight; after all, you don’t want to be pulling muscles when you are traveling.

Another benefit to having multiple smaller bags is airport fees; as many airport charge for checking larger bags dependent on their size, having smaller hand held bags reduces the costs you will pay and minimize stress.

This is a guest post written for Elona the Explorer.