5 Reasons to Tour Italy by Train and Essential Travel Tips

Have you ever dreamed of seeing the Italian countryside? Have you ever wanted to visit some of Italy’s most popular cities? What about trying to do both at a relaxing and leisurely pace? Then touring Italy by train is THE way to travel through this extraordinary country!

As one of the most popular tourist countries in the world, there are plenty of ways that you can experience the charm of Italy. However, there is only one mode of transportation that is as charming as it is efficient. 

Taking a rail holiday through big cities, wine country, rolling hills, and even mountainous ranges is honestly one of the best ways to experience Italy. If you’re not convinced, then here are five reasons to tour Italy by train!


Reason Number One: Living in Old School Luxury

If you’re looking for a way to travel in the ultimate lap of luxury, then you’re off to a good start with taking the railway. From incredible food and wine, to day trips sailing around Italian costal cities. From exploring ancient Roman ruins, to getting to eat in a tiny Mom and Pop Italian restaurant, there is nothing you can’t experience on this kind of holiday. 

You get the opportunity to pick an itinerary where you not only get privacy, but you get to experience this amazing country in depth. Sure, there are trains that will simply be for a few hours trip, but there are also glamorous overnight cabins for you to relax in!

When you choose to take the train, you can basically choose a high-end traveling hotel. You can choose a large, private cabin. You can choose the quality of food and beverage you are served. You even get to take SEVERAL bags onto the train for less than it costs to take ONE bag on a flight. Sit back, relax, and take a holiday that where you can truly spoil yourself with tiny luxuries! 


Reason Number Two: Taking Your Time

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it takes a lot of dedication to slow down! If you’re looking for a real holiday, where you can actually enjoy the countryside and not just fly over it, then traveling Italy by train is the way to go. 

Here are a few key points on why taking a rail holidays to Italy are a better use of your time

  • Planes Aren’t Always Faster. Let’s say you want to travel from Nice to the Amalfi Coast. You book a plane for far too much money, you drive to the airport, you wait hours in line at security and for your plane, you fly, you wait to deplane, you pick up your baggage, you drive to your location, it’s EXHAUSTING. Why not simply take the train for a few hours on a long holiday that allows you to not only stop in Nice and the Amalfi Coast, but many other amazing locations as well!
  • Seeing Italy. Like, REALLY seeing Italy. By taking the railway, you’ll not only get to see the many cities and stops along your route, but you’ll also get to embrace the beautiful countryside and small towns as well. Leisurely looking out your private cabin window, knowing you’re riding in comfort, is a GREAT way to travel!
  • Sleeping, Traveling, All in One! If you choose to get a personal cabin aboard the train, then you won’t have to waste time finding hotels in other locations. Not only that, but you’ll be traveling and sleeping all at the same time! Why wake in a rush to catch a flight, or board a boat, when you can wake rested already on the way to your destination. 

Sunset in Italy

Train holidays allow you to see the world, slow down, and really take advantage of your travel time. Why spend hours hauling luggage through the airport on a four-hour layover? Spend your time wisely and choose a railway holiday through Italy!

Reason Number Three: Eco-Friendly Travel is the Best Kind of Travel

Being eco-friendly isn’t just about looking and feeling good when you travel. Not only can you eat healthy local foods while in Italy, but you can actually save the atmosphere from carbon byproducts, as well as reduce the amount of fossil fuels being used. Traveling by train not only allows you to take in the beautiful scenery around you, but you also get to help try and save it!

There are many studies that support trains being more environmentally conscious than taking a plane. The winner of the eco-friendly debate is clearly trains and you’ve chosen to help the planet by taking this holiday. So, pack up your travel mug, and all of your other eco-conscious products, and you can start helping the environment while you travel! 

Reason Number Four: It’s Pre-Planned for You

Yes, everyone loves to go on holiday. You work so much that once you finally get the time off, you don’t want to face the stress of planning out every day of your holiday. Not to mention making all of the travel arrangements, site-seeing plans, and so many other things!

The number four reason that taking the train though Italy is an amazing holiday is because everything is planned out in advance. That’s right. All you have to do is schedule your trip, upgrade your hotels and tickets if you choose, and pack! 

This is also only true if you book through the right travel agency. However, if you find the right company you can actively avoid the stress of planning a vacation all together! Here are a few things that should be included in your train through Italy experience: 

  • Standard class trail travel (Upgrades available)
  • Handpicked hotel accommodations
  • Overnight rail cabins if necessary 
  • City maps, as well as detailed directions
  • Organized wallet with tickets, reservations, and vouchers

It should also include a way to upgrade your hotels, cabin choice, add extra nights, or slightly modify the destinations. That’s it! That’s all you have to choose! No searching the internet for the perfect flight times, or trying to find a hotel that isn’t too expensive. It’s all done for you! 

Reasons Number Five: Making a Truly Memorable Holiday

Perhaps the best reason to take a railway holiday through Italy, is taking a memorable holiday. Whether you’re traveling alone, setting off with a group of friends, or traveling as a family, taking the train will certainly make the holiday one for the books! 

This can be said about the simple idea of taking the train, or by the fact that in a short period of time you will get to visit so many Italian cities, towns, and see the beautiful scenery! 

All in all, if you want to make it a holiday to remember, then taking the train through Italy is your best bet. Be certain to pack an amazing landscape camera for the incredible views!

Travel Tips for Your Train Holiday

When it comes to travel essentials for your train holiday, there are a few tips and tricks that you should really take to heart. One such tip is that you DON’T have to travel lightly. You are generally allowed two travel bags, two personal items without being charged. Just remember that you’ll have to haul it to the hotel yourself, or arrange for your luggage to be transferred to your nightly accommodations. 

If you’re traveling during the day, be certain that there is a meal car, or that you have arranged for food to be delivered to your cabin. If not, plan ahead and grab some things to eat before you board. 

Another great tip is that you should be ready to take a lot of pictures, read a lot of books, or have a lot of fun with your friends and family. Since you won’t be driving, or having to wait in an airport, you’ll have relaxing leisure time. After all, isn’t that what a holiday is all about!

The Five Best Reasons to Tour Italy By Train on Your Next Holiday!

There are so many reasons to visit Italy. But when it comes to getting around, taking the train is the absolute best! Whether you’re trying to be more eco-friendly, want to really enjoy your time, or simply love the idea that everything is planned out for you, then this is the vacation for you. Don’t wait to see Italy, book your train ticket now!



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