Why I loved it: 

  • Proximity: 1.5 hrs from NY

  • Beautiful Beach: Comparable to Maldives + The Exumas

  • Exceptional Service: Unparalleled with any resort I’ve been to

  • Child Friendly: however, doesn’t feel like you’re constantly surrounded by children

  • Location: near Bermuda’s best attractions ie. Horseshoe Bay Beach

  • Family Owned: entire stay felt like I was an honorary guest of someones home

“Happiness is seeing your children happy.”

I am not sure who said that quote and I have no kids, but I do have an 8 year old sister and seeing her happy makes me pretty happy, too. Earlier this year my sister Sasha and I went to the Bahamas to see the swimming pigs and she proved to be an awesome travel companion. I decided to surprise her with a back to school gift: a trip to Bermuda, conveniently only 1.5 hours away from NYC! I didn’t have many expectations when coming to Bermuda – however, it turned out to be one of the most beautiful and unique islands I have ever been to and staying at the Pompano Beach Club was like being in a fairytale, leaving both my sister and me smiling from ear to ear (pay close attention to my sisters face in all the pictures). In fact, when we were departing, a couple was booking their room for the following year … which will be their fifteenth year at the resort. That should already tell you a lot.

The Property

Bermuda is a relatively small island with a very easy public transportation system – in fact, virtually everyone that visits the island takes the bus to the many unique beaches and the Capitol town of Hamilton. During the day, busses run on schedule approximately every 10/15 minutes … however at night it takes anywhere between 30 minutes to 1 hour. Pompano Beach Club is located in Southhampton, right at the curve of the “J” shape that the island resembles. It is one of two resorts on the island that is home to the most incredible water I’ve ever seen – easily on the top of my list next to The Exumas and The Maldives.

How can you dislike an island that has no rainy season and virtually no hurricane season? Bermuda experiences nearly perfect weather all year round, which means no off-season! The water at Pompano Beach Club is out of my wildest dreams … and depending on the time of day, the color spectrum ranges from teal, to salad green, to baby blue. Here is the greatest value proposition of the resort: you don’t even have to leave the property to snorkel. Right at the beach area there are large rocks with small reefs and more fish than you can imagine … The property also has a kayak and motorized chairs for rent so you can take a ten minute ride out to the incredible reef.

Pompano Beach Club resembles a pack of pink starbursts: 75 rooms in large pink villas stack the hill side where the tropical paradise lies. It is a family owned property so every morning felt like home. As you walk into the reception hall and towards the restaurant, the owner, Tom Lamb, will greet you with a big smile. Next to him is his brother, cleaning the glass on the front door to perfection. This is their home … and you are their honorary guest. It is quite an incredible experience and a breath of fresh air from the typical large resort style.

The Perfect Family Vacation

These smiles should already tell you the whole story without me having to …

Pompano Beach Club is the perfect resort for a family vacation and don’t get me wrong, it is not the place where noisy children are running around giving you no peace of mind. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. There is so much to do on the property (snorkeling, beach, pool. hot tub(s), a game room, water activities, and more), that you never feel like there are kids around you at all. The property is perfect for a family vacation and a honeymoon alike.


There are three restaurants at Pompano Beach Club, and while the food selection was exceptional, the real reason you should go to all of them [every day] is to see two people: Lynn and George. There are not enough words and emotions for me to describe the level of extraordinary service that we were showered with every morning at breakfast, in between water activities during lunch, and at at dusk during dinner. Therefore I decided to make a video about it … with permission and inspiration from my good friend, Nas Daily.

The food selection is incredible and there is virtually no need to leave the property to eat anywhere else. Dinner options include lobster, steak, rock fish, flank steak, lamb, sea scallops, beef, pasta and many more. There is also a separate menu for children. All three restaurants have stunning oceanfront views and the sunset is unparalleled with.

In addition to the various day time activities for children, there is also an extensive list of fun events at night. My favorite was the beachfront s’mores session. I think I may have enjoyed it more than my sister!

In the area…

If you know anything about the Bermuda Triangle – you’ll be stoked to know that you can go snorkeling/diving in real shipwrecks, a unique activity known to the island. Consider spending the day exploring Horseshoe Bay, rated one of the top ten beaches in the world. From Pompano, you can take a short bus ride to Warwick and then walk down along the beach to Horseshoe Bay Beach. You’ll be surprised at how many secluded caves, beaches, and huge rock formations you’ll find … some with no people at all!


Hamilton is Capital city of Bermuda and a must see if you are there – small colorful houses overlook the beautiful harbour and while it’s known to be the “financial district” of Bermuda, there are many cafes, shops, and boat rides for tourists, too!