Health, Safety, and COVID.

  • What safety precautions are taken on this trip?

We are actively monitoring the situation worldwide. The group will be limited to a maximum of 15 people. Most activities will be booked privately to ensure maximum personal space. Because of this, you will be in contact with fewer people throughout the duration of the trip. All accommodation and transportation are held to the highest standard of cleaning and will be sanitized according to CDC guidelines. Currently, a negative PCR test is required to enter the UAE. We will continue to monitor the entry regulations and will contact everyone closer to the date of travel. Unless otherwise instructed, guests should be prepared to travel with a negative COVID test (at their own expense).

  • What if a tour is postponed due to safety risks?

Safety is my priority and my goal is to make sure that everyone is comfortable. We will be carefully observing the global environment and if we need to postpone a tour, you will be able to book a future tour. Please note that the decision to travel is your responsibility. I will do everything in my power to keep you safe or ensure a spot on a future trip –  we can only offer a credit for a future trip worth the price paid for your original trip (excluding airfare/insurance).

If you’ve already paid for your tour in full:

If you’ve already paid for your trip in full, we will work with you and prioritize your spot for a future trip. We will provide you with a travel credit worth the price paid for your tour — excluding airfare and insurance — to put towards a future trip departing within the next 2 years. If the price for your tour destination increases, you won’t need to pay more than your original booking price.

If you haven’t yet paid for your tour in full, but have made a deposit or some payments:

We will work together to rebook your trip and we’ll put your deposit towards it. If you’d like to pay for your tour in full now, you can lock in the original price and not pay more should the tour price increase later.

You can also use your deposit and/or payments towards any future tour regardless of destination, based on availability.

If you’re eager to travel in the future but aren’t quite sure about timing, we’ll automatically apply the full amount of your deposit to your account so it’s ready to go when you are. Those funds will not expire.

  • What if I pay the deposit / full-price and ultimately don’t feel safe to travel?

If you personally don’t feel comfortable traveling, but the tour isn’t canceled or postponed, we will do our best to move you to a future group. We do not guarantee a future group. We do not offer refunds after confirming your spot but will do our best to accommodate you for future travel when you feel comfortable. Please note, we reserve the right to retain 100% paid by you in connection with the booking at the time of cancellation.

Before you book.

  • Will you help me book my flight?

We do not book your flights for you but once you pay the initial deposit and confirm your spot, we will work with you to help you find the best flight times and connect you with other group members if they are flying from the same region. Please note, we do not offer any special rates for flights and can only offer you guidance.

  • Can I do part of the tour or activities on my own?

All the activities in the itinerary are optional however, the total price will not change if you choose to skip some of the activities. We will make sure that the itinerary gives you time to spend on your own and strongly recommend you follow the schedule to get the maximum benefit from this trip! If you want to extend your stay, we may be able to help you secure better rates for hotels/activities – you just have to let us know in advance and we will do our best to accommodate!

  • Is my deposit refundable?

Because we confirm our tours and hotels in advance, and only offer a small number of spots on the tours, we do require an upfront deposit to secure your spot, and it is non-refundable upon payment.

  • Do you cater to dietary restrictions?

We will do our best to accommodate requests – please let us know in advance. Most of the time we will be dining at restauraunts. We cater to dietary requirements to our best ability and always communicate and confirm in advance, but we don’t always have control over what food is being supplied or is available. We ask the tour participants to please also be mindful of their own dietary requirements when ordering at restaurants and to carry snacks (if needed) to avoid disappointment. There may be times that we are traveling in remote areas and such dietary requirements cannot be met.

  • How does the payment plan work?

If you are unable to pay the full amount upfront, we offer a monthly payment plan consisting of a deposit and three equal payments prior to the tour.

A 20% deposit is due with 48h hours to confirm your spot for the trip: $580 for double occupancy / $680 for single occupancy

$773 due 30 days after deposit (payment 2) / $906.33 for single occupancy

$773 due 30 days after payment 2 (payment 3) / $906.33 for single occupancy

$773 due 30 days after payment 3 (payment 4) / $906.33 for single occupancy

Please review the full Terms & Conditions prior to booking.

General Travel Planning.

  • Will you arrange my flights & visas?

Unfortunately, this is something we don’t organize. Tour participants are required to organize their own travel visas. Embassy websites in your home country will always have information about requirements, visa costs and will provide the required forms. If you are uncomfortable with the visa process, you can visit a travel agent who can arrange these for you at a cost. We are happy to provide a confirmation of tour and hotel bookings as well as a trip itinerary should you require them for your visa application.

  • What do I need for customs at the airport?

To pass through customs you will need your passport and you will need to present a plane ticket. Please be sure that your passport name matches your airline ticket name or you may be denied boarding. If you require a visa, you will need that to show customs as well. Your passport’s expiration date must be at least six months after your return from your trip; if it is not, you should renew your passport. As always, check your country’s travel requirements when visiting a new country. Visas and other flight requirements are not included in the price so please double-check that you have everything you need for travel, before submitting the deposit.

  • What should I pack?

By joining this group, you are agreeing to be respectful of local culture and norms. Although Dubai is generally relaxed and open-minded, it is still part of a Muslim country and we are guests. I recommend taking the safe route and dressing modestly.

Ladies: Have your knees and shoulders covered and carry a headscarf with you in case you’ll need to cover your hair! Generally, avoid clothing that is too tight, see-through, etc. At the beach/hotel pool you are more than welcome to be in swimsuits and beach clothing!

Men: Men have it easier and most outfits are appropriate, I would avoid tank tops and inappropriate slogans.

DISCLOSURE: The information on this page contains indicative information on tours, activities, dining, and accommodation. The itinerary is subject to change due to inclement weather or other factors outside of our control. We want to make sure that you have the best possible experience and will substitute anything that must be changed with something equally or even more amazing. We are organizing this itinerary to give you many activities and opportunities for leisure time. Note that our itinerary focuses on local experiences, including food, so meals might not have many Western options. For more information visit our Terms and Conditions.