The InterContinental Jeddah Hotel

Do you know where the world’s tallest fountain is? It is located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and is named King Fahd’s Fountain (standing 853 feet or 260 meters tall). Do you know where the world’s tallest flag pole is? If you guessed Jeddah, you are correct! It is called the Jeddah Flagpole and it stands 560 feet (170 meters) tall in King Abdullah Square. Now, there are many more reasons to visit Jeddah besides the latter two world record holding tourist attractions. However, if you want to check both from your list quickly then you should consider staying at the InterContinental Jeddah Hotel.

The InterContinental Jeddah Hotel is often referred to as the quintessence of luxury hospitality in Jeddah. Located in the Al Hamra district, The InterContinental Jeddah Hotel is just across the street from the Red Sea waterfront and overlooks King Fahd’s Fountain. It is centrally located and is near Jeddah’s vital attractions such as Al-Balad and and the Saudi Center for Fine Arts. Whenever I stay in big cities, proximity to popular places of interest is one of the key value propositions I look for in hotels. The InterContinental Jeddah Hotel is not only close to tourist attractions, but it is also in an area where many locals spend their time off. The energy around the property is incredible; you can people-watch, you can walk around, and coffee shops/cafes are within a walking distance.

Like many places in Saudi Arabia, the inside of the InterContinental Jeddah is grandiose. Arabic-style interior design is by default rich and luxurious: it is composed of various geometric shapes and flawless symmetry. Triangles, octagons, hexagons in luscious reds and golds are some of the accents scattered around the perimeter. The road leading to the property is stacked with voluminous palm trees which gives the hotel a resort-like vibe. Inside, the interiors are bold and fancy and it certainly looks and feels like a luxury five-star property. The hotel has been around since the early 90’s and underwent a massive renovation in 2012.

The rooms at the InterContinental Jeddah are spacious with neutral tones. During my travels throughout Saudi Arabia, I found that many hotels feature Arabic-style interiors in their rooms. Bold colors are not the most pleasing to the eye for long periods of time. I appreciate that the rooms in this property have beige and cream tones. My room faced the Red Sea (and King Fahd’s Fountain) directly. The balcony made it a perfect place for coffee and reading in the morning.

Credit: IHG

I strongly recommend booking a club level room to get access to extras such as:

  • Access to the private Club InterContinental Lounge
  • Dedicated Club InterContinental team to take care of every detail
  • Complimentary breakfast, evening drinks and canapes, and light refreshments throughout the day
  • Personalized welcome experience
  • Exclusive guestroom amenities such as a welcome gift and turn-down service

Personally, I love that the club access has complimentary refreshments throughout the day and a quiet area for work. I have a hard time focusing on my work in my hotel room so having a separate workspace nearby is very helpful.

There are three restaurants on the property: Spears, Fish Market and Al Ferdaus. Additionally there is an outdoor cafe near the swimming pool called Cafe 360 (it has large screens which often broadcast sporting events!) Jeddah is nestled right on the Red Sea therefore seafood is a great [and obvious] choice! If you are into meat dishes, Spears is the first Brazilian churrascaria in Jeddah and the meat in Saudi Arabia nothing short of fantastic.

The lobby has an exquisite, well lit lounge area where you can enjoy coffee and mocktails. I have to say, the coffee here is some of the best I had and there are a plethora of flavors and add-ons which is a very unique touch!

Nearby InterContinental Hotel Jeddah:

  • Jeddah Corniche
  • Conference Palace
  • King Fahad Fountain
  • Miral Hall
  • Jeddah Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  • The Saudi Center for Fine Arts
  • Haifa Mall
  • King Saud Mosque
  • Crystal Hall
  • Musadiyah Market

Closest Airport InterContinental Hotel Jeddah:

  • King Abdulaziz International Airport – Uber approximately $16 USD.

Overall, the InterContinental Jeddah Hotel is a fantastic property and definitely a bang for your buck. I have seen rates as low as $100 per night– for a five star hotel of this caliber, that is unbeatable. I really appreciate the location of the property and its close proximity to the Red Sea. I loved having the ability to walk around at night among locals without having to take a taxi. My room was clean and spacious and the bed was very comfortable. The service was top notch (as you will commonly find in the Middle East). Overall I had a great experience and would recommend this property to anyone traveling to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. 


1. Is alcohol served on the property?

Alcohol is not served anywhere in Saudi Arabia at the moment. That said, there are many delicious mocktails served in the hotel restaurants and lounges.

2. How do I dress on property grounds?

With the new laws in place, women are no longer required to wear abaya’s in public. My recommendation is to still wear one. These laws are still in their infancy and while you won’t deal with any consequences for not wearing an abaya, overall you will be more comfortable in public and you’ll draw less attention to yourself if you wear one. On the property you should have your arms and legs covered (I suggest maxi dresses and maxi skirts – no leggings or skinny jeans). Men should refrain from wearing shorts. Pants, t-shirts, long sleeve shirts are ideal or traditional wear called a  thawb.

3. Are the facilities shared?

No, shared facilities (ie. pool, gym) between men and women are not standardized in hotels. There are separate facilities available for men and women (this is another huge plus, as many properties only have facilities for men).

4. Can unmarried couples stay at the hotel?

Foreign unmarried couples are allowed to stay together in one room.