We all love the idea of leaving our comforts behind as we set off on our travels and more and more people are doing it every year. However, the one thing we often miss most about our home is our warm, comfy bed. So, here are few ideas to help you find the right bed to match the right kind of adventure.

Standard air mattresses.

These are usually the most popular option as they offer comfort as well as value for money. They are also light to carry and easy to hold. You could blow them up manually, although you’d be there quite a while! However the best idea is to invest in a pump as they are known to deflate slowly, especially if you’ve got little ones jumping up and down on them!

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Double-height air mattress.

If you’re worried about creepy crawlies, then this is your best bet! As they are obviously higher than the average mattress, they are also favored with those who are less mobile as they’re not so far down. The only downside is that they do take a while to inflate and obviously take up more room.

Ready beds.

This type of bed generally has a self-inflating or inflatable air mattress with an attached sleeping bag so you don’t have to take the two separately. These are always a big hit with kids.

Folding camp beds.

These are often used by the military and offer a certain level of comfort, as long as you sleep on your back. Typically, two aluminium poles are placed either end and slot into position to pull the canvas taut and the frame rigid.  

Self-inflating sleeping mats.

Essentially like a thin air mattress with a layer of foam padding inside, these are a good choice if you’re looking for something small, that doesn’t weigh much.

With every comfortable bed, you’ll also need to think about where to rest your head after a long day, packed full of adventures. This site has carried out various tests to find the best travel pillows on the market. For even more general ways to travel in comfort, you can also take a look here.

As much as we love to explore different destinations and adventures, we all love to come back to the comfort of our own bed. There’s no bed comfier to snuggle into than a softside waterbed as they are known to reduce pressure points for a better night’s sleep. They also adapt to the widest range of body sizes, so one size fits all!

So, remember wherever you’re heading and whatever you’re doing, take your home comforts with you and you’ll be sure to enjoy every single minute of your trip.