Great guitarist and artist though he was, Chuck Berry isn’t renowned for his road trip experience. And, as this blog points out, the experience is far more valuable than money ever will be. Still, the smooth character whose hits include “Johnny B. Goode” and “Never Can Tell” is something of a road trip icon. Not because he’s a pioneer, you see, but because of his range of hits. “No Particular Place To Go” is a classic because, well, it’s a certified banger. However, it also contains pearls of wisdom which every road tripper should understand on their journey.

Here are four you will want to sing along with.

Riding Along In My Automobile, My Baby Beside Me At The Wheel

Three things are certain in life: death, taxes, and a road trip with friends being better than one alone! Driving through the United States or Australia or wherever you want to visit is cool on your own. After all, it’s peaceful and quiet and there is a certain level of retrospection. Still, it gets boring after a while and it’s always nice to have a “baby by your side” to break up the monotony. Now, it can be a romantic interest or a group of BFFs, but it should be one or the other. Never pick up a hitchhiker!

Can You Imagine The Way I Felt, I Couldn’t Unfasten Her Safety Belt

Chuck’s may have had an ulterior motive, but he was thwarted in the song by a seat belt. Not to put a dampener on burgeoning love, yet it’s a good motto to live by on the road. From the engine to the brakes to the safety features, it’s essential they work perfectly. Otherwise, a break down may leave you in the middle of nowhere with no help. Even worse, it could cause an accident. Luckily, on-site RV repair is available should you run into trouble, while AAA can recover the vehicle by the roadside. Have a backup just in case.

Cruisin’ And Playing The Radio

A road trip isn’t complete without a plethora of songs blasting from the car’s outdated sound system. Sure, the bass will distort the sound something terrible, but noise is noise. As long as you can make out the words and sing along, there is nothing to worry about. Ironically, there are no rules to creating a perfect playlist because it depends on the group. Anyone that wants help or inspiration should check out this link. It has examples of classics and songs that are out of left field, too.

With No Particular Place To Go

If there is one rule of the road, it is to enjoy the unpredictability of the trip. Yes, have a loose plan and stick to it where possible. Everyone wants to see their favorite hotspots and tourists attractions. But, don’t be afraid to let the occasion steer you in the right direction instead of a map. Uncovering a country and its towns and cities is the best part of hitting the open road.

Now you see his appeal, will Chuck Berry make your playlist?