For many travelers, it’s all about the thrill of adventure and ticking off some major bucket list points. Instead of simply relaxing on the beach or sightseeing around a city, they’d rather get stuck into some adrenalin-fueled fun, such as hiking to ancient temples, going white water rafting down some of the world’s most famous rivers, or heading out across the desert on camels. Do they sound like the kind of adventures you’d love to get stuck into while traveling? Well, how about this one – mountain climbing.


There are lots of people who would to climb up the world’s highest peaks, but they believe that you need to be a qualified mountaineer to do so. That isn’t always the case. In fact, even some of the biggest mountains out there are suited to beginner climbers, and there are plenty of tour groups you’ll be able to join. Being part of such a group means you’ll have professionals with heaps of experience on hand to guide you up to the top.

So, which are some of the world’s best mountains for first-time climbers? Here’s a quick rundown.

Mount Hood, United States

Oregon’s Mount Hood is the perfect choice for those who have never climbed a peak before. In fact, this mountain just an hour’s drive out of Portland, is a popular training area for experienced mountaineers and those who are in training. The South Side Route is by far the most popular way to ascend the peak, and taking this usually takes half a day. So, if you get an early start, you could be back down in time for lunch!

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Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

You will have no doubt heard of Kilimanjaro as it is the largest peak in Africa. It’s also a popular challenge for newbie climbers and, if you take a look at, you will see that there are plenty of tours and challenge groups that you can join for your first time. Planning an adventure up a mountain using these kinds of adventure organizations will help you keep the costs of the trip down, and your booking will include all of the necessities so you won’t have to worry about anything once you’ve booked.


Island Peak, Nepal

Nepal’s Island Peak is often referred to as an easy peak as it stands at only 6,000m. Even though you will hear people refer to it as a “trekking mountain”, it takes more than just walking to get up to the top. You will need to have a very early start in the morning and will still need to have a little experience of using some mountaineering tools. So, before you book a trip to Nepal, you might want to try some climbing courses like the ones featured at

So, does one of the peaks above tickle your fancy? If so, bear in mind that climbing them is still going to be a lot harder work than your average hike. They may be known as easy peaks, but they will still be challenging!