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5 Sri Lanka Tourist Spots You Must Visit

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With its mosaic landscape and topography, pristine beaches, and diversity of its wildlife (to mention just but a few) Sri Lanka has so much to offer whether you want a group trip with your family or planning a solo vacation.

7 Things You Must Do In Miami

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Known for being the playground of the rich, this vibrant and glamorous city has lots to see and do. Here are just some of the top attractions and activities that you can’t miss out on while in Miami.

Best Shopping Malls in Singapore

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Shopping malls are hardly lacking in Singapore. With its abundance of shopping destinations, you are guaranteed to bring a suitcase of bargains home.  Fly to Singapore and indulge in your shopping urges! Whether you are into budget-friendly or high-end shopping, there will be a shopping mall that caters to your needs. Here’s a list of 5 shopping malls to stop by in Singapore: 

7 Things You Need to Know When Traveling to Africa

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Visiting the brilliant continent of Africa will not only allow you to experience different cultures and climates, but also take you to some of those magically unexpected places. Whether you’re at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro, at the Nile Delta, or taking on a safari in the desert, there is so much to see and do!

4 Things You Can Do in Snowy Mountains, New South Wales!

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The Snowy Mountains is not just the perfect winter destination but also offers a host of activities during the summer to enjoy. From horse riding to mountain biking, and for the more adventurous abseiling or hiking, immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the Snowy Mountains and its rich history.

5 Roadtrip Ideas in Southwestern Switzerland

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Driving through Switzerland is a bucket list item everyone should tick off at least once in their life. In this post, I will zoom into the terrains of Southwestern Switzerland. Starting in Geneva, here are 5 roadtrip ideas in Southwestern Switzerland.

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